Welcome to Trencrom Dowsers

Welcome to the website of Trencrom Dowsers, based in wild and beautiful West Penwith, Cornwall.

Fortunate to be in an area with several hundred ancient sites, and very well-known earth energy lines, we have monthly dowsing trips through much of the year, or indoor meetings at Marazion. With the dowsing groups of Devon, Tamar, Somerset and Thames Valley we participate in regular Zoom presentations, which have featured some of the very best presenters in various countries.

New members are always welcome!


Health and Well-being

Earth Energies


We are affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers and our focus is on the core dowsing applications: Archaeology, Earth Energies, Health and Well-Being, Water.

New members and guests are always welcome.  Click on Future Events for full details of our programme. In the various archives beneath you can see details of what we’ve already been up to at past events!

Our activities include a series of fascinating talks and presentations by excellent speakers and trips to interesting places with plenty of good dowsing opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing you, whether a member or a visitor. Please look at the Future Events page, to see current items relevant to the group.

The group is named after Trencrom Hill, where Hamish Miller’s Athena energy current passes through, on its way to many significant sacred sites around the world. The Dance of the Dragon was an amazing dowsing journey undertaken by Hamish, Paul Broadhurst and their partners, Vivienne and Ba.  Over a period of many years, the Athena and Apollo energy currents were followed as far as Mount Carmel in Israel. (Sadly the book is now out of print but the maps are still available from www.penwithpress.co.uk)

At the beginning of May each year we celebrate International Dowsing Day. The celebration normally ends at the beautiful headland of Carn Lês Boel near Land’s End, the first/last node point of the Michael and Mary energy lines where together we boost the positive energy to re-enchant the land.  Everyone welcome!

Dowsing for Beginners and An Introduction to Earth Energies

run a couple of times a year, usually in the spring and autumn, in Marazion, West Cornwall - e-mail for more information